Gorilla Toast

Hi, hi, hi, and hi,

What have I been up to? Dying to know . . .

Did a couple of craft shows this month. Some were not that successful money-wise, but still fun for hanging out and meeting other crafty-type people, and
one that was busy, fun, and brought in some money. Money which was spent the next day on $480 worth of overdraft fees because I cannot remember to balance my checkbook. Oh well, these things happen. Mainly to me, but still.

In November, I wrecked a car. Not my car, just one I was driving. I ran a red light. I don't remember it being red, I still don't remember it being red. I was on my way to work and was thinking it would be nice to stop for a slice of pumpkin pie because for the first time in history I was going to be EARLY to work. Hell yeah. Apparently I was so focused on the pie, I missed the light. And . . . . hit the side of a 2007 Chrysler Something Expensive-olla type of car.

I mean honestly, anyone can hit a toyota or a honda, but how many people can hit a brand new car with less than 50 miles on it and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage? That's just how I roll.

Like I said, I don't remember the light being red. However, the 37 or so witnesses were all more than willing to testify to the redtasticness of the light. Waaaaay too many witnesses to kill. Oh and check this, the woman I hit was getting all comforted and consoled by everyone, but what about me? No one ever wants to comfort the perpetrator, oh no. Dammit, I needed some comfort. I had to call a friend to come and wait with me on the street. And damn if she did not stop at Starbucks on her way. And no, she did not stop to get me anything. Oh no. I have awesome friends, be so jealous.

So . . . I am paying the deductible on the car. My friend's car. Have you ever had to call a friend and tell them that you just wrecked their car beyond all recognition? If you do, I don't recommend you tell them it was your fault. That should come later. Like an added bonus, a gift with purchase type of thing. Friends love that!

Part of the problem with wrecking the car was tied to working three jobs. It turns out I do need to sleep. Yet another super power I do not possess. Damn the luck. I so want to be a Hero. So I went out and found a new job that pays as much as all three. Unfortunately (as always) it is the MOST BORING JOB ON THE PLANET. I am the executive assistant to the director of something. The man needs no assistance. I assist someone who needs no assistance. I have been here three weeks and in that time I have not done a thing. You probably think I am exaggerating. You are so wrong.

The worst part of this job is so many websites are blocked. Most message boards, ebay, blogs, diaryland, etc. Mainly I just read newspapers online. And So I am thinking of quitting after the new year. I am not sure what I will do, but something. I know it probably seems like it would be better to sit around and get paid to do nothing all day, but I don't want to and you can't make me. Stop trying to control me.

Mainly I'm just hanging on for Christmas. Three days off. Sleeping and eating Totinos pizza and going to the beach and watching dvd's and making resin-y jewelry while listening to xmas music. Oh and the nachos - got to have the nachos in the mix, otherwise is it even christmas? Not so much.

Or should I say nacho much?

2006-12-19 at 7:29 p.m.