G@rfield Sucks

I have found that I can play Parchesi online, how great is that? And against Garfield the Cat no less. He keeps kicking my ass which is sort of demoralizing, but now I am addicted, I must defeat that corpulent cat. I mean heís not even funny, at least, he never makes me laugh. I would never walk up to you on the street and say "Man, did you read Garfield today? It sure was funny." That would be about as likely as if I were to tell you Family Circus was entertaining. Now Get Fuzzy, that comic strip cracks me up.

I have decided to quit my job, I canít recall if Iíve mentioned this already or not, but Iím quitting. I was going through the want ads looking for a new job when I realized that what I really wanted to do was move. I wanted to move somewhere warm, somewhere close to the beach, and somewhere I had never been where no one knew me, a chance to start over and disappear. So I found an apartment over a thousand miles away, put down a deposit, sight unseen, and filled out a rental application. I was a little worried that they were going to be looking for someone with ďgoodĒ credit, but luckily that was not the case.

Then it was time to find a full service mover. Turns out that is too damn expensive, no problem, I think, Iíll check out u-haul. At over $,1200, U-haul is not quite the bargain I had hoped it would be. No problem, I just decided to sell all my stuff. Iím not that attached to my furniture, so whatever does not fit in my Neon, is being sold off. I have already sold quite a few items, just a few Iím having trouble unloading. I have a pink and blue floral sofa, that while quite ugly to look at and weighs more than a wet llama, it is quite comfortable. With some slip covers, it could be a rather cool Trading Spaces-esque type of project. Apparently all you need are some straight pins and a sewing machine and voila, itís like a whole new loveseat.

2002-08-01 at 9:20 a.m.