Killer Frogs from Hell

The cable tv was kind of fuzzy last week. You could still see it, but it just looked like the rabbit ears needed some tweaking.

Of course being cable, the ears donít exist.

My roommate asked me if I had forgotten to pay the cable bill.

Because thatís totally what the cable company does if you donít pay your bill. They donít shut your cable off, oh no. They just make the channels a little fuzzy around the edges until you pay up.


Iím driving to Denver this Saturday. From Florida. Be jealous.


I am so bored all the time at work that . . . I forget what I was going to say, I fell into a boredom hole. They are everywhere here.


I went swimming last night. It was fun until the giant frogs. Thatís right, giant frogs. First, there was one over by the fence. No problem. Creepy, but whatever. Then two more appeared on the other side. Then one appeared at the edge of the pool. My friend and I crept forward to look at it Ė because weíre super brave like that.


It jumped in the pool. Thing was about six feet long.

Ok, fine, it was so not six feet long, but it was a huge ass mother cracker and it was closing in on me. I almost died.

Well from climbing out of the pool so quickly and almost cracking my head open on the concrete, but I think it could all be tied back to the frog.

Blood thirsty frogs from hell. Only in Florida.

Iím lucky to be alive today, Iím like a total miracle of survival against all odds.


Ok then, time to go to Goodwill and buy some spoons.

2007-06-11 at 12:15 p.m.