I used to freak out

A few years back (maybe 8 or 9), a former co-worker, Christina, found my diary here and I freaked out about it. I am not sure why. I wasnít worried about her finding out I had written something bad about her, I wasnít worried about her reading about who I was sleeping with or anything really . . . so I have no idea. I rarely wrote about anything too personal back then anyhow so what was there to get worked up about?† Besides itís a public diary on the internet, not a hello kitty journal locked in my sock drawer. Years later I apologized to her (I said some pretty ugly things to her at the time and was in general, a giant ass) and have tried to be a less petty person overall. Apologize when I fuck up and hope for forgiveness, but donít demand it.

Now then if someone that knows me from the real world finds my diary so be it. A note to say hi would be nice, but I donít need it not to panic. Itís fine, read on.

Here are some things in my life different over the past 10 years:

∑†††††††† I have been at my job three years (in August). When I started this diary, I was a job hopping fool! I think 11 months was my longest record before this. My current job is In a cubicle (thatís the same as 10 years ago). It does have a sliding door though, so moving up. I have a boss who actually likes me (thatís new), but I have very little to actually do in the way of work (that is the same). Oooh, also I telework two days a week (Mondays and Thursdays) and I love that perk.

∑†††††††† Instead of a Dodge Neon, I drive a Hyundai Accent. There were a few cars in between. An Accent, seriously. Apparently I can only pick the most boring, non-descript cars on the planet. It is white too, which makes it look like a giant Tylenol pill.

∑†††††††† I own a house. I never thought I would be a homeowner, but here I am. It has a pool too, major selling point for me. Actually the only selling point. I like to say I bought a pool and it came with a house. I was always scared buying a house would tie me down for the next 30 years, but I can sell it when I am ready or rent it or whatever.

∑†††††††† I used to have two cats and now I have one dog. I always thought I would have a cat, but now I donít think I will ever have one again. Cats are great, but just not for me anymore. Actually no more pets after my dog is gone.† Maybe sea monkeys someday.

∑†††††††† My jewelry business is successful as in actually makes money. I earned twice as much selling jewelry last year as I did at my cubicle job (and the cubicle job pays pretty well).†

∑†††††††† I live in Atlanta.

∑†††††††† I stopped buying clothes, shoes, purses Ė all of the things I used to love. I somehow became a minimalist. All of my clothes and shoes will fit in one medium sized suitcase. It makes my walk in closet look pretty empty, but thatís ok. I am a fan of empty space, of just having what I need.

Things that are the same after 10 years:

∑†††††††† I still screw up my romantic relationships on a consistent basis.
∑†††††††† I still love Totinoís pizza, diet coke and cigarettes (but the electronic kind now), walking, reading, doing math problems to pass the time when I'm bored, sleeping, swimming and cherry lip gloss.
∑†††††††† I still love to move.
∑†††††††† I still drive a crappy car, different make and model.
∑†††††††† I still obsess about food and weight and getting old
∑†††††††† I still lose my keys. All. The. Time.
∑†††††††† I still love Diaryland. I have missed it these past few years. I was sad to see how few of us are still updating here (of which I was guilty of until this week). Come back, you are missed! To those of you still around, I love it. I love being able to read up on where you are at now, what you are doing, all of those silly little things.

2013-05-29 at 11:24 a.m.