Fish Hat

This morning I took a shortcut to work.

This morning I was 17 minutes late to work.

Stupid ass shortcut.

I'm going to the Melting Pot on Friday. I plant to consume my body weight in cheese.

Trust me, that's a lot of cheese.

I'm trying to make a dress using a Simplicity Sew Easy One Hour Pattern.

I think I'm currently on hour 37 and no end is in sight.

I'm not quite willing to accept that Simplicity has kicked my ass yet.

The diet coke in the machine here at work always dispenses expired soda. Always expired. The one this morning is date January 6th.

I'm drinking diet coke from the past.


I'm selling some furniture online for a friend on Ebay. It's exciting because right now there are THREE watchers for the auction. It's also exciting because every 3-5 minutes I can check on the progress of the auction.

If you need a livingroom set and live in the Denver area, call me.

I'm willing to consider trades that involve non-expired diet coke.

Ok, I have to finish drinking my vintage diet coke now.

2006-01-26 at 9:27 a.m.