Exploding Head

So . . . I have this fear of driving in the snow. More like a panic attack type of thing? Yes, so moving to Colorado from Florida was one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever had.

Ok, so it snowed last night and maybe about 4 inches? Enough to slick up the roads. So I had to come into work three hours late until they had enough time to clean up the roads while everyone else was of course here at the normal time. I am afraid of the other drivers. I try to leave space and they zoom in front of me and hit their brakes. I think my Florida license plates are making people mess with me, like they think they can scare me. Well they can, but still. Honestly. Even the smallest hint of sliding sends me into a panic, and then instead of doing something, I freeze up and just slide into whatever the heck happens to be there – curb, another car, deer, McDonald's, whatever. So once I move at the end of the month, I will be taking the bus to work on snowy days and I don't even care if I have to make 374 transfers, I am riding that damn thing.

Here are my least favorite things/phobias/panic attack inducers:

Driving in the snow
Driving Yukons in parking garages
Public speaking

If I ever had to give a speech to a group of cockroaches while driving through a snowy parking garage in a Yukon? My head could quite possibly explode.

2008-12-09 at 3:17 p.m.