Someone has been hired to take over my position after I leave. She is going to start on the 5th so that I can train her for two fun-filled days before my last day (the 6th). See this worries me somewhat due to the fact that my “duties” for the most part include trying to appear busy without actually doing any work. Not that I would be opposed to doing work. When I first started working here, I mentioned several times that I was capable of doing other things besides just sitting and looking pretty. I’ve had many jobs including, but not limited to the following: Nuclear Reactor Operator, Waitress, Website Designer, Rollerskating Fruitbasket Delivery Girl, Girl Who Swept Up Animal Entrails at the Slaughterhouse (and no, I don’t want to talk about that one). I have that all important liberal arts degree you know, not to mention those helpful three years of pharmacy school.

Doesn’t matter, it all fell on deaf ears. My cubicle mate is one of those people who has been here forever and a day and is always complaining about how much work she has to do, yet is a control freak and is completely unwilling to give up or share any of her duties. She would rather complain and play the martyr. Have people think she is completely indispensable and that the world would stop spinning without her. My boss is clueless and just wants me to make coffee and occasionally kill spiders that find their way into his office.

So New Girl, this is how I check my e-mail and this is messenger where I chat with my friends. No, we don’t respond to IM’s from Hot Helen who has something to “show” me. This is my Diaryland buddy list that I check on 30 or 40 times a day, and this is my Ebay auction page that I hit the refresh button on every couple minutes. Oh look, I just sold a book on Half.com, let’s make up a packing envelope, shall we? How about we go downstairs for our 37th Diet coke break?

I hope she doesn’t become too overstimulated from all the excitement on her first day.

2002-08-29 at 12:00 p.m.