Even Dogs Know to Come In Out of the Sun

I seem to have a severe sunburn. It kind of hurts to move. And breathe. Yes, breathing and moving, hard to do. Well when you stay in the ocean for six hours . . . things happen.

I did wear SPF 50, which I re-applied every hour. And still? Burning skin of fire. Those Banana Boat people are getting a strongly worded letter from me. Strongly. Worded.

And . . . this is a boring entry, but in my defense, I may have sun poisoning. I could, you don't know. Also? Does anyone know a good treatment to prevent skin from peeling? I would really prefer for that to just not have to happen, but the burning red flesh on my shoulders tells me it may. I have been using a topical analgesic spray from Walgreens, but other than that . . . suggestions are welcome. Other than, "stay out of the sun you vampire-pigmented dumbass".

2006-09-05 at 11:23 a.m.