Hot as Dog's Balls

Ok, so Florida. The current temperature outside is 99 degrees. It is sunny. The humidity is 86%. If a girl wearing a skirt (and pantyhose, oh the horror), high heels, and a sweater is driving a car with questionable air conditioning (its not even that cold and is it normal for the car to slow down 10 mph when you turn it on? For that matter should the lights get dim when I turn the radio up?) and has to stop for gas ($2.59 per gallon, but Id rather not discuss that) on the way to her interview, what are the chances that said girl will arrive at the interview looking polished and professional and not a soppy mess with sweat stained pits (but Id rather not discuss that either)?

Yes, so.

I think the interview went remarkably well considering my moisture factor was quite high. Im not sure what my chances are since they are probably interviewing several dryer candidates and well if dryness is a factor in the hiring decision that could be problematic.

However should they be looking for an articulate yet shiny and glistening employee, heck yeah, I am the one.

Maybe I should hold off the employment search until the temperature dips below 80 degrees.

Florida one, Toastcrumbs zero.

2005-08-16 at 1:09 p.m.