DMV, half man, junk food

Thanks to my last mopey entry, I found at some people I never thought I'd hear from again are still blogging. Kick ass.

*If there are alot of typos, I apologize. My keyboard sucks. Probably not a good idea to eat wheat thins while typing.

In March, on my way out of Colorado, I got a speeding ticket. $162 and the cop tells me to have a nice day. I was mad about that stupid ticked for half of the drive thru Kansas, and let me tell you, that is a long state to be mad through. But then I thought screw it, get to Georgia, find a job, pay the ticket.

Well I did the first two things. Completely forgot about the ticket.

Oh wow, that is such a lie, I just totally didn't want to pay the $162 and figured since I got it in Colorado, flashed a Florida license and was living in Georgia, what could go wrong with not paying it?

Those bitches suspended my license. I had to pay $262 to Colorado to take care of that portion. Then another $60 to the great state of Florida to be reinstated.


Then I try to get my Georgia license which is very difficult as they need a copy of your birth certificate (which I have) however the name on it doesn't match my drivers license, so they need a marriage license or a legal name change document.

I have neither of those items because I changed my name in 1994 by typing up a fake marriage license.

Ah the 90's, what a simpler time.

So I simply renenwed my Florida license and I am set until 2018.

Suck on that Georgia.

With my Florida license, Georgia insurance card, and expired Colorado license plates, I can't see how this plan could go wrong.


There is a man with no legs that sits in a wheelchair all day long in the entryway to my apartment building. He really creeps me out, and it's not because he is a half-man (I mean the legs are gone all the way up to the top), it's because he sits there all damn day and he will not speak to me if I say hi, he will stare. But check this, I have seen him talk to other people, so dude can talk. There is only one way in or out, so I have to walk by him (staring at me), get my dogs, go back down (more staring) and take my dogs back up (yes, that's right, more staring).

I am considering letting the dogs piss on the carpet at this point, this is how much he wigs me out.

50 plus buildings in this craphole complex and I live in the one with creepy half man in the hallway 24-7. When I have friends over, I can say, just drive past the overflowing trash dumpster and stop when you see the building with creepy half man staring at you with his dead eyes.


I went to the grocery store tonight and bought a totinos pizza, a box of cheesey crackers, nutter butters and a 2 liter of diet coke. I was kind of embarassed to be checking out with that stunning dietary selection especially with the healty-fresh-fruit-and-vegetable having girl behind me.

I mean I really need to stop shopping like I am 13 and my parents are gone for the weekend.

2010-08-11 at 10:47 p.m.