Just Die Already

So crap, I just give up, ok? The diary is locked. I realize I said something along the lines of I donít care if my crazy ex-coworker reads it every day, 37 times a day. But damn, I figured after six months she might, I donít know, get a life and give it up. Dude! (I normally donít say dude, but it just seemed to fit here, and when you read it, try and hear a Keanu Reeves type dude, thanks). Someone doesnít speak to you for six months, does not have any contact with you AT ALL and you what, read their diary every day? That just makes the kind of sense that doesnít. Screw it, itís locked. Ok then. Oh yes, I created a pictorial representation of the thought process I think they must go through on a daily basis. Be amazed at my artistic skills.

I had to burn my toothbrush. Not really, but I did have to dispose of it. I came home and turned on my bathroom light and the largest cockroach in Florida (which is saying much) was on my toothbrush, molesting it and doing obscene Michael Jackson type maneuvers all over my pristine pink Oral B toothbrush. No, I did not just see that. Yes, sadly I did. So I have this toothbrush holder with four holes in it, right? I only use one for my toothbrush, so this fat bastard tries to crawl thru one of the other holes and gets his fat ass stuck halfway in and halfway out, legs and tentacles askew and moving all about. So ready to move out of Florida. So. Ready. I went to get my roommate to help with this situation since I am in some sort of shocked state where I am ready to seal off my bathroom and call it a lost cause. She suggests I go get Anthony the cat. Yes, Siamese Catís real name is Anthony, the truth is out. That was the worst idea ever as he was busy cleaning his own butt and not interested in roach patrol. Instead we devised a plan that involved paper towels, a broom, a dustpan, a large shoe, and a giganto size bottle of Raid. It also involved me yelling, ďWhy. Wonít. You. Just. Die??? while bludgeoning it to death with a broom. Donít ask.

Sorry this is a suck entry after two weeks with no toast tales. Eh, what can you do?

I paid for a gold membership two days ago and I still canít upload images, Diaryland keeps telling me that I have to sign up for a gold membership even though my credit card has been charged and I ALREADY signed up. Arrrrgh.

2005-06-08 at 2:57 p.m.