Day of the Dead

I have only been at work 15 minutes, but it feels more like 37 minutes.

I was going to write about some exciting stuff like weird bathroom behavior of the North American Cubicle Dweller and the best strip mall in Florida (it has a bus station, Christian book store, tanning salon, gun store, and law firm) - - but instead I found the weirdest site on the interweb. I mean, wow. It's just fascinating.False eyelashes on toddlers? Heck, yes.

Don't look directly into her eyes:


People of earth, prepare to die!!!


The Village of the Damned is missing a member . . .


Hi, my name is Lurleen and I'll be your server tonight at the Rodeo Burger Roundup!

2007-12-07 at 8:26 a.m.