CVS Underpants

At lunch today, I bought a little marble elephant for $1.99. I think it was a wise investment. I named him Diego. I just met him, but I think I already love him.

This week I have been working out at lunch everyday. My boss is out this week and I'm pretty sure that she would want me to take two hour lunches in her absence. She's a giver that way. I've also been working out after work. I skipped it today because I'm starting to feel like I've taken 37 showers this week and change my clothes more times a day than I can remember.

Wednesday after the gym, I realized I had forgotten to bring underpants. I certainly couldn't put back on the sweaty gym ones after a shower. So I stopped at CVS where they only sell giant-touching-your-nipples-style underpants. I bought them because I need at least a thin layer of cotton separating me and my business from the cruel world.

I kind of love the underpants. They are just so big!

Last Saturday, I had a show near Palm Beach. It was fun, but the best part was the drive back the next day. I decided to drive the whole way up the coast. I got lost . . . about 194 times. Normally a 4 hour drive took 10. I care not though because I got to stop at so many different beaches that I had never been to before. I also had a funnel cake. . . at some beach somewhere in Florida.

It would have been possibly more fun if I was wearing the giant underpants on the trip, but hey, next time!

In case you are wondering, I am still in Florida. A cold front came through last night so it is 87 degrees today. Very fall-like. I am staying until December when I will have one year of employment with this lovely company, at which time I will quit and receive my two weeks vacation pay.

By the way, the company is promoting me. I'm just going along for the ride on that one.

So still planning to move to Denver. I have the opportunity to move somewhere else and be the manager of my friend's paint-your-own pottery store. Which sounds really fun, but it's located in a state that doesn't appeal too much to me. . . I don't know. Ask me again in two months.

I'm currently living with friends. I don't have my own room or furniture or anything. I have about a foot of closet space, three rubbermaid drawers of clothing and my cat. I kind of like having it that way.

Of course I also now have Diego the elephant and three GIANT pairs of underpants.

I kind of just make my life up as I go along and try not to take it too seriously.

Also? I have applied to join the Peace Corps. . . which has nothing to do with my giant underpants, but thought they needed another mention.

2007-10-12 at 1:19 p.m.