Blowing C@t chunks

Yesterday after work I intended to stop and buy cat food and an electric blanket at Wal-Mart. The blanket was for me because itís been a bit chilly lately, like in the 40ís at night. Anyone that wants to tell me that 44 degrees is not that cold and that where they are living it is snowing and all wind chillyish can suck it. We all choose our own zip codes. Wal-mart on a Saturday afternoon, does it get any better? I donít want to talk about it. Anyhow I forgot the cat food which I realized when my cats started howling like they were being attacked by a herd of rabid gerbils. No way was I going to a grocery store on a Saturday night, so I went to the convenience store and spent $5.89 on a different brand of cat food. The cat on the box looked like he was just loving the stuff so I figured what could go wrong. Heh. The cats liked it well enough. How well? I only had to wait 5 minutes to find out the answer to that. Orange cat started doing that Iím-getting-ready-to-hork-up-cat-chunks-noise thing that cats do. If you have cats, you know the sound. If you donít, well thatís just fucking wonderful for you, isnít it? I scooped up Orange cat and threw her in the bathtub thinking the mess would be easier to scoop up and clean. Orange cat was so not pleased and let me know this buy biting me, running into the living room, and throwing up a lovely orange pile. The award for best use of cat food as a floor covering goes to Orange cat for her piece entitled ďwhat I ate for dinnerĒ. Four stinking times!

This morning I was half asleep and I remember thinking ďwhy does it smell like low tide in here?Ē It would be because when I opened my eyes Orange cat was two inches from my face. Siamese cat was in the bathroom drinking from the toilet which wouldnít be so bad except I have one of those blue toilet things that makes the water blue and his face always looks like he is suffering from some sort of freakish cat oxygen deficiency. The joys of pet ownership.

So I found this entertaining diary and I would make a link, but I donít remember how, and even when I do, they usually donít work. Idiot-milk, thatís the diary name. Thereís a picture she posted where her brother is dressed like a giant hamster (as all the really cool guys like to do) and a woman standing to his left in an orange t-shirt with what looks like pretzels glued all over it. On her head to. Iíve spent way, way too much time trying to figure out what the hell thatís about.

2003-01-05 at 1:29 p.m.