Crunchy Texture, Unique Shape

My lunch plans to buy modge podge stuff busted. By the way, I completely blame my modge podge obsession with this diarylander. She made it sound so appealing in her entries that I HAD to try it. HAD to! Anyhow she's having her own Starbuck's cup-related issues right now.

So lunch, I went to the big giant super JoAnn's. Except not. The sign was quite deceiving as it turned out to be a crappy, small, poorly organized craphole. I swear I have not been that disappointed since Angela Chase left Brian Krackow standing in the middle of the street with his bike.

I think all the employees in the store wanted to kill me. Not just me though, they seemed to be angry at the world. Exactly the kind of people that should be working with customers.

Whatever, I bought some half priced green suede for a skirt. Yes, that's right, laugh now, cry later, for I shall be wearing a green suede skirt and you, well not so much.

I also bought some little scrapbooky things that look like little flip flops. I hate scrapbooking with a passion (I was forced to attend a scrapbooking party once, but I will save that exciting tale for a really writer-blocked kind of day), but the little stickers and cut outs are good for jewelry. And sticking on the roof of my car.

When I got back from that excitement, I found I had sold my first item on Etsy. Rock the house down.

Then I realized my Paypal account was limited due to the fact that the last time I sold a buttload of stuff on Ebay, one of the buyers said she never received her stuff. I was about to get all rage-filled because I always send my stuff out, but then I looked to see what the item was. It was those stupid cat/dog cd holders and I remember seeing those stupid ass things in my closet this morning.

Oops. Good thing I kept the rage in check.

Speaking of Ebay, and why not, I am thinking of spending $125 for 50 lbs of mosaic tile. Perfectly reasonable purchase for someone with an overdrafted bank account.

And another why not, go check out another diarylander who clued me in to the whole Etsy site. (She has her own Etsy sitetoo, I own a pair of her kick ass guitar pick earrings.) She told me I could make enough money to roll around in it naked on my bed and then go to 7-11 and buy wheat thins with my naked money.

It's always the wheat thins that make me do things. Always. Right, well that's enough links for today. Enjoy.

2005-12-08 at 2:55 p.m.