Count Chocula

I was painting a giant canvas on the floor of my bedroom this morning. Dark blue if you must know. Stupid ass Siamese Cat walks in and starts sniffing around because he likes to both "see and be seen". Then he sticks his paw right in the canvas and he's all shaking his paw like damn, that paint was wet, what the hell?

He looks at me and I look at him and we both know the situation. He runs. I run after him. Stupid Siamese Cat runs downstairs to hide, but he's leaving a trail of dark blue paw prints which lead me right to him. Also? I can see his tail under the chair and I've told him 379 times that it's not really hiding if I can see his furry assed tail.

Stupid Siamese Cat is seriously the worst hider ever.

After I cleaned up all the paw prints - of which there were many - I had to clean stupid Siamese Cat's paw. Have you ever tried to clean dark blue paint off of a cat's paw? Because that stuff gets all up in between the toes and it's just unpleasantness for all involved.

If Siamese Cat doesn't stop doing stupid things I am trading him in for a hamster. A really nice one.

2005-09-29 at 12:12 p.m.