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Hello Diarylanders!

I need some advice. Well not really so much advice, as opinions. Yes, that’s more like it. In the end I will do what I want to do and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Oh there could be laughter.

Here’s the situation. I have been offered another job, something that I would really like to do, but something that pays A LOT less money. The job? A flight attendant. No, really.

See, I like flying, I honey roasted like peanuts and I like wearing spiffy 50’s inspired uniforms. It’s the perfect job for me.

Ok, I’m not delusional, I get that it’s not this completely glamorous job. But get this: if I have to see the inside of another cubicle, I am ready to gnaw off my left arm (my least favorite) and beat myself to death with it.

Now then.

I don’t like to say how much money I make per year because someone is always going to think it is ridiculously low and someone else will think what the heck am I complaining about.

I do ok on my salary now. And by ok, I mean I usually have $12 left at the end of the month.

Being a flight attendant, if averaging out the wage over a month, would pay around $7/hour.

And as I was sitting at the McDonald’s drive thru last week, I noticed their “now hiring” sign. Starting salary at McDonald’s?


So you can see how taking this job may not be the SMARTEST decision ever.

I’d have to move to Orlando – which isn’t that far away (60 miles) – and get out of my current lease. I’d have to go to 4 weeks of UNPAID training in Phoenix. I’d be on reserve status for who knows how long which means showing up at the airport within 90 minutes of receiving a call.

I still really want to do it though. I think I can get my bills down low enough that I wouldn’t have to completely use my savings up.

I might have to give up some frivolous things, like food and electricity. Candlelight is nice though, right? Can always pick up some at the catholic church for free. That’s what they’re for.

And government cheese? Yum.

Did I mention the cuteness that is the uniforms? It should be a deciding factor.

So what would you do?

Aside from stealing candles from the catholic church.

Also? I am really good at opening cans of soda. Thought I should mention that.

2006-05-08 at 4:19 p.m.