Captain Crunch

8:03 a.m. and I am already bored. The next NINE hours are going to fly by.

Fly by I tell you!

I think if I had a pet hamster at my desk that would help with the boredom.

No, I don't know where my obsession with hamsters comes from, but I know they fascinate me.

No one tell my mom, or the screen printed hamster shirts and statues will start pouring in.

You know what stinks? When you go McDonald's drive thru for breakfast - shut it, I don't want to talk about how the diet is going - and you order a large diet coke. Then you're all happy and drive off and take your first sip of the day of diet coke, but instead it is a regular coke and now your throat has been defiled with the piss of satan.

Because regular coke tastes like the piss of satan.

Or so one would imagine.

It's starting to seem obvious I have nothing worthwhile to say today, but I won't let that discourage me.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair colored. By colored, I mean getting rid of this faded red stripiness I have happening. I'm not sure what color I will be going, but I am going to request anything that is not the color of a faded irish setter's ass.

2005-12-15 at 8:03 a.m.