Cabinets (or I'm Sooooooooooooo Bored Today)

Ha, two entries in one day. Looks like a picture day today.

The building where I lived. Three stories, concrete, almost 80 years old. Looks harmless enough. Three stories, 4 units on each floor. I'm on the second floor in case you would like to consider stalking me. Think about it. Oh yeah, the guy on the top floor covered his windows with aluminum foil. Guessing he's not a morning guy. Or just trying to block out the KGB satellite signals.


The street leaving apartment. Pretty!

Inside the apartment kitchen - - - Cabinets, pretty! This is what they looked like after I peeled off a couple layers of white paint by hand, just peeled off like strips of skin. What? Tape, is tape a better way to say it? Anyhow. Under this cigarette stained off white color, there were about 12 other colors, including yellow, green, blue and more white.


Another before shot. These are the only cabinets in my entire kitchen. To the left of the frame is the refrigerator (this is where the pantry used to be). Now, there is just a random, crookedly cut  swinging door hanging over the empty space over the fridge. Quality! The old refrigerator is still there - can you spot it? That little rectangular shaped, partially open door on the left? That door is hella heavy, and the cabinet is lined with metal - that's where the ice block used to go, and the cabinet below, same thing, heavy door, metal lined, but also has metal racks. Cool, huh? I thought so too. Also, after removing 37 layers of paint, the old refrigerator company metal plate became visible over the door.


Cabinets After. Haven't finished painting the side of the cabinet near the sink yet, need tape. The handles came out really nice after removing all the paint. The colors look better in person, trust me. Or don't, as my mom said, it looks like a clown threw up in my kitchen. Aaaaaand that's why someone won't be getting a mother's day card this year.


Cabinets after - crappy quality camera so colors look off, but wanted to throw in a wider angle shot. Check out my 1926 original kitchen sink. Jealous? If you squint, you can pretend you see the little metal plate over the middle fridge cabinet door that I removed all the paint from (says 1926 on it). The bottom fridge cabinet door is open as the paint was still drying. Also because I have a bad habit of leaving cabinet doors open.


Counter top after - didn't think to take a before picture, but it was just a metal (rusted) counter top covered with some lovely 1970's floral contact paper. You can't tell from the picture (thank you quality $24.99 digital camera), but the tiles are glazed. Also? Only counter space in the entire kitchen, you're looking at it. I admit, I was lazy - I didn't remove all the paint from the
hinges, just the handles. Sue me.


Side by side comparison for your viewing pleasure.

2005-03-24 at 10:47 p.m.