Buddha Buddy

Entry #3 of the Day (no, seriously)

I was tooling around diaryland - all the cool kids say tooling (try it!). I came across this diary and thought, "wow, she writes so similar to me!" Then I realized it was me. Or it was the me that was me two years ago. See I have this habit of starting diaries and then forgetting completely of their existence. Diaryland, blogger, blogspot, livejournal, deadjournal, typepad - I've tried them all! I am no one's whore, for I belong to the world!

So after the unexpected fortune that was Chipotle today, I went to the magical store known as Walgreen's - I work in a depressed area of town. My choices for shopping are 7-11, Walgreen's and Diamond Do11's club. Since I didn't need gas or a new set of pasties, I went to Walgreen's. For Walgreen's carries Pringles. Several varieties I might add. Know what else they carry? A fat buddha gold incense oil burner. I swear to bob, I am not making this up. $9.99. Heck yes, I sure did buy the fat gold buddha. He will spend the remainder of his days sitting upon my dresser where I can gaze upon him and all his fat gold buddha-ness. He will be mine and I will be his and I shall love him and I will call him Hans Buddha Solo.

You know not talking to anyone between the hours of 8-5 every single day of the week is starting to have an effect on me. What kind of effect is hard to say, but oh yes indeed, there is an effect.

2007-04-12 at 1:59 p.m.