Bracelet Sweets

Right before christmas, this woman named Susan bought one of my Napoleon Dynamite bracelets and I was all, sweet!

So then a few days later she e-mails me and said she noticed I did custom work and could I make her a custom bracelet?

Sweet again.

The bracelet is to be for her sister-in-law/friend - and she wants pictures of her friend's husband (that would be her brother for those following along at home). She says just google his name and I will find images, that he is a producer.


I do the bracelet and send it out and I think she was happy with it. I thought it looked good. I didn't really take any real pictures of the bracelet at the time, but here is one blurry one.

Wait, there is a point to this story, I promise.

Last night I am watching 100 Greatest Teen Idols on VH1 or some stupid title. It was either that or Meet the Barkers, and I draw the line there. My new year's resolution was not to waste anymore of my life watching reality television, and I don't think the 100 Greatest thing counts.

Number sixty-something was Jennifer J@son Leigh. I had my back to the tv because I was working on ripping the seam out of a dress from the Second Image thrift store that is proving to be way more work than the $3 I spent on it.

At the end of the little segment, I hear . . . "and in 2002, she married producer No@h B@umbach."

Interesting. I turn around just as they are showing his picture.

The bracelet I made for Susan B@umbach's friend, with pictures of Noah B@umbach? Yeah, that bracelet was for Jennifer J@son Leigh.

That? Kind of kicks ass.

2006-02-08 at 8:39 a.m.