Blog Day

I bought a dresser off of craigslist for $25 and refinished it. I don't have any before pictures because . . . I forgot. But! Here are the after pictures:

Close-up of paint:

I used two different colors of paint. The speckly one is one of those spray, make-it-stone paints. And guess what? I sold it for $175. So that's a pretty good profit, even with time and supplies.

Orange cat helped in her own special way . . . by sleeping in the drawer.


There is a stereo console at the Goodwill that I would loooooooove to buy. It is just so neat. And the record player, 8-track and radio all still work. . . but I am moving soon, so hopefully I will find something just as lovely in Denver to play with.

Here is a necklace I made out of a spoon from the Goodwill. If you ever hear the sound of a thousand angry spoons clattering together, that is me sorting through the cutlery bins at the Goodwill.


Here is what I look like wearing it. You know, if I was a cartoon and had long hair and bigger lips. You try being bored 8 hours a day at work and see what kinds of things you will do to amuse yourself. Go on, just try it.


And that . . . . IS MY BLOG FOR TODAY!

2007-11-07 at 8:47 a.m.