Big Yard

I am stuck at work and the rest of the world is off. Boo.

I celebrated a traditional thanksgiving yesterday - a Beverly Hills 90210 marathon, a Totino's pizza, a bottle of cheap wine and about four valium. From what I can recall, I had a wonderful day!

Anyhow I will updated soon on my adventures in San Francisco and maybe even post a few pictures. I know, try and stay calm.

I am off now to look at a house. My lease is up at the end of December and I think I want a house. Not to buy, heaven's no, just to rent. It occurs to me that I have not had the same address for longer than one entire year for the past . . . 17 years. Anyhow, I am thinking house because it snows here in this Denver place and it would be far easier to shove the dog out into a fenced yard on those cold and frosty mornings rather than me standing there holding a leash, shivering and giving her the stink eye while she sniffs around to find the perfect pee spot. So yeah, I don't have too high of expectations for this house since it is one I can afford and that likely means crackhead neighborhood. It does however have a fenced in backyard so we'll see.

I have been reading stories about hoarders all day on the internet (as opposed to actually working). You know those people who cannot throw anything out (not the creepy animal hoarders)? They fascinate me. I guess it's because I throw out EVERYTHING. I get vaguely itchy if I own more items than I can fit in my car. I guess my closest hoarding behavior would be sweater twinsets. I own about 22 ov those. Love the twinset.

Ok, then. Time to go see a tiny house with a BIG fenced yard. Yipee.

2008-11-28 at 3:44 p.m.