Animal Madness

Ha, I made it in during the two minute window where non-gold member updates are permitted due to some sort of glitch. Score! Take that andrew@diaryland. Well enjoy, it may take another 12 days before that happens again.

"Hey, how you doin'?"
Name: Maurice 
Hobbies: Avoiding Michael Jackson, stamp collecting


"What am I? No really, what the sandwich am I?"
Name: Bunny Fufunu
Hobbies: Picking lice of self, crocheting, being mistaken for a horned shih-tzu

"Where? Where does it say 'No Peeing'?"
Name: Paco Q. Camel
Hobbies: Writing name in sand, canasta, professional long-distance spitting


"I smell butt!"
Names: Larry and Larry
Hobbies: In no particular order, butt sniffing and being butt sniffed


"So pretty, I feel oh so pretty!"
Name: Juanita Finklestein
Hobbies: Imitating a Dodge Neon, ballet for beginners


"I'm devastatingly handsome, and chicks dig me."
Name: Mr. Carl
Hobbies: Male model, riding in fast cars, trying new styling products


"So help me, if you put me in a dress, I'm going to kill all of you."
Name: Fluffy
Hobbies: Frolicking with hamsters, karaoke


"Not now, on a break."
Name:  Lyle
Hobbies: Freestyle tanning, smoking, identifying interesting smells.


"Mmmmm, brains . . ."
Name: The most deadly of all North American beasts - the Co-Worker Americus
Hobbies: Sucking the life from all within a 100 foot radius, drinking coffee, rendering the bathrooms gas mask worthy, forwarding chain e-mails

2005-03-24 at 8:21 p.m.