Urinal Cake

I went to the Dollar Store at lunch today. Yes, really. It's all very exciting.

They had new Virgin Mary statues in, and well naturally I now own one. It is sitting on my desk and I feel more holy already. I'm not Catholic, but I do admire the religion's embrace of jewelry. I also like the juice they have.

Also the dollar store has a wide variety of Christmas items now in stock. I don't really do Christmas decorating (but am willing to accept gifts) so I bypassed the decorations. However, they do have an alluring display of holiday body lotion fragrances. Such as? Gingerbread . . . and some other ones. I forget. . . I probably shouldn't have smoked all that pot in high school.

Anyhow, I purchased (for $1 people, $1) a large container of cherry scented body butter. Yes, butter for the body. I was pretty excited about it (naturally), but now I am pretty sure it smells like one of those air fresheners they put in bathrooms. Gas station bathrooms, the sleaze-o-rific type that Br1tney would walk barefoot into. Or possibly it smells like a urinal cake, although I haven't been in as many urinals as you might think so it makes it a bit hard to be sure.

I wish I had realized this before I slathered it all about myself. . . but what can you do?

I just hope no one urinates on me. Then again, I always hope for that.

2007-11-13 at 4:45 p.m.