Porn Blender

I bought this huge, tall cat tower when I moved here. For my cat. The cats on the website were loving this tower and rubbing themselves all about it.

Needless to say, ordering the cat tower is a situation has worked to the benefit of no one. Orange Cat hates the tower with an intense and burning rage and I hate Orange Cat for refusing to use the tower like the HAPPY DAMN cats on the website.

Orange Cat had a very similar tower in Florida that I was forced to sell before moving. Orange Cat will never, ever, ever, ever, ever let me forget that I sold her beloved tower.


Displeasure with the new tower is shown in the form of:

1) trying to bury the tower (so far unsuccessful, but efforts continue)
2) Coughing up hairballs around the vicinity of the tower
3) Sitting on the couch and glaring at the tower in an effort to produce spontaneous combustion of tower (again, so far unsuccesful, but efforts continue)

So in an effort to appease Orange Cat, I put this stupid cat tower on craigslist. Behold, I have found a seller and he is willing to pay cash.

Anyhow, he is coming by tonight to get it and pay me. The interesting part (to me, and who the fuzzy hell else counts??) is that when he responded via e-mail, he included his website address in his signature.

His adult entertainment website. Here is a snippet from the site:

Anyone can pick up a camera and shoot porn, AMAE takes sex, puts it in a blender and mixes up a cocktail of Erotic Entertainment and Amusing Storylines.

Dude. Sex in a blender. Now that is powerful.

Anyhow, hopefully I don't get tricked into making any sort of fetish video tonight involving a scratching post, whipped cream and spanking.

What? I know stuff, I used to have HBO.

I'll let you know how that turns out.

Aaaaaaand I'm not going to even pretend this is related, but again, who the fuzzy heck cares? I am wearing a cotton skirt and black tights. The damn skirt keeps sticking to the tights. With every step I take, it bunches up and rides up my thighs in the front. It is NOT a good look (even for porn I imagine). I am not going to go out and buy static guard because I have no money. I tried rubbing lotion on my tights, but that created a situation that I refer to as Lotionus Tightitiss.

Updates as the situation warrants.

2008-04-08 at 10:34 a.m.