This is my second entry of the day since I mentioned that I was moving, but didnít mention where it was that I was moving to. Also, I'm just incredibly bored. So letís just end the suspense. Drum roll please.


Yes, see, I didnít think it was hot enough here. Actually the average highs are lower than the average highs in this hell hole. Plus Iím fairly certain that living in Fl0rida will not require me to own an ice scraper which is cool since mine broke during last Januaryís ice storm and I was forced to use a spatula. I have a weird thing with spatulas.

Anyhow, my new apartment looks great on the internet pictures Iíve seen (a lot of things do I suppose), but Iím not worried. It will be super spacious since Iím not going to have any furniture. I figure I can buy a futon or something. Iíve never had one of those and Iím fairly certain owning a futon is something youíre supposed to do before youíre 30. Well that and make sense of that ďobjects in mirror are closer than they appearĒ sticker on my rearview mirror. Sadly, my roommate has decided to stay here and finish school and not move with me. What a hoser. So it's Glitterkick on the open road alone.

Iím leaving on September 9th with my clothes, shoes, computer, and two cats (who both know what a litterbox is and how to use it, which is really the most important part). I was thinking of putting them both in a cage together and whichever one is alive when we make it to Fl0rida, thatís the one Iím keeping. Or maybe Iíll just buy another pet carrier, either way, it should be one giant fireball of fun.

2002-08-01 at 10:11 a.m.