More than 37 cents, burn!

You know how people you work with always feel compelled to ask you on Friday, "So any big plans for the weekend?" And then on Monday, they say, "So do anything exciting this weekend?"

Yes, well I hate those people. I am sick and tired of having to make up something exciting that I will or have done.

It is one thing when I am sick of something, and it is another thing when I am tired of something. But when I am sick AND tired? Well now you have just pushed me way over the line.

My big and exciting plans include napping, eating horribly unhealthy food, chasing my dog around the house while I pretend to be a doggie monster (it's a thing we do), maybe if I am feeling really frisky putting some scotch tape on the cat's paws for my own amusement, and generally providing no real benefit to society as a whole.


Sometimes a week or so before I get paid, I become really ambitious with my paycheck. So I set up all these horribly unreasonable bill payments online. $200 to my gold mastercard (yes, that's right, it's gold), double car payment, and what the heck, pay the student loan ON TIME.

Then of course my paycheck comes and I realize that these were horrid ideas, and I will have exactly 37 cents to last me 2 weeks. So I go and cancel or modify all of the online bill pays.

Except of course this week, when I forget to cancel all of those lofty bill payments I had scheduled.

Son of a . . .

Luckily I do not have just 37 cents until May 4th. No, that's right, I have $3.32.

That's about a gallon of gas, right?

2007-04-20 at 8:53 a.m.