Ok, so I am in Denver and it is cold. I've wrecked one car already. I'll get to that fun stuff another entry.

So today. Hmmm. I found this nightstand, vanity and dresser on craigslist. It was old, but I thought it could be a project to refinish and the price was right. I always wanted an old vanity.

Whatever and anyhow. So I get to this house (actually a duplex). Wow, ok. So this weird old guy answers the door. There are five kids under the age of six. All are just filthy. Filthy clothes and faces. The living room was probably the size of my bedroom.

One little boy who is about 3 or 4 in the filthiest pair of underpants on the planet shows me a mirror he is holding. I talk to him about his mirror and he smiles. I try not to stare too much at the house.

Then the mom comes out. She was probably in her 20's and is 9 months pregnant. She is excited the little boy is talking to me because she tells me that he is autistic and has just started talking.

The house smelled so bad, something rotten and just so wrong. I don't know.

I go down to the bedroom with her to see the vanity (even though at this point I really want to run out of the house, but for some reason my upbringing forbids me from being rude).

We pass the only other bedroom. The door is propped open and only a bare mattress is on the floor and a bunch of garbage.

In the room is another dirty baby in a crib, crying.

So the vanity. It isn't bad and I think ok, I will just buy it. They really need the money and I like it and let's just get me out of this house.

We move the vanity and I see a bug. Ok, happens. I go to squash it with my foot. I notice there are bugs suddenly rushing everywhere. I'm sorry, not bugs - cockroaches. I then realize they are all over the floor, scurrying all over. They have been the whole time.

I just tell her as politely as possible that the vanity isn't going to be able to fit in my car and I'm really sorry, but thank you anyhow.

Neither she nor her husband (or whoever he was) are remotely bothered by the fact that there are HUNDREDS OF ROACHES crawling all over their bedroom.

After getting outside and shaking the hell out of my clothing and hair, I was able to get in the car.

Here's the thing, and this probably sounds pretty stupid. I know that people live in poverty. I know it. It's a different thing to know it and to actually see it. I'm not really explaining myself too well, but whatever.

I don't care about the stupid vanity, but I can't stop thinking about those children. I mean the mother seemed very nice and normal, but cockroaches are crawling all over her children and how is that supposed to be ok? How do you keep having children when you clearly can't take care of the ones that you already have?

2008-02-04 at 1:44 a.m.