Went for a swim, but then it started lightening so had to get out (as I don't want to die by electrocution today. Only had a chance to do ten laps or so. Always tomorrow. Have I said how much I love owning a pool??? It is awesome.

Ed is gone for the weekend. Not true, he is around somewhere, but we are taking a break. We do this now and then. A few days, a few weeks, whatever. It's kind of nice.

"whatever you stepped in, the stink is starting to get on me" a line just heard on an episode of Law and Order. Thinking of watching another ep of Arrested Development. Haven't been too impressed with the first five eps I have watched. Sad, was so looking forward to them.

I read Looking for Alaska. Good, but expected better based on the reviews. Think I will not read any of his other books for the time being.

Also read Endemic: Rise of the Plague. I like the genre (apocalypse theme) the book was just ok. I would prefer less of the secret government/corporation plot in these types of books, and more just on survival after a plague.

2013-06-02 at 8:16 p.m.