Armadillo droppings

Ed called to tell me that I forgot to put the garage door down. Again. He said it with such disgust too, like he could think of nothing worse. . . .other than leaving knives pointed up in the dishwasher as a deliberate attempt to kill him. Ed lives in constant fear of being killed in a dishwasher-knife related accident. I do worry he may one day throw himself into the dishwasher to prove his point.† Now back to the stupid garage door.

Me: I am sure I put it down, maybe it bounced back open after I pulled away.

Him: This is what youíre going with. Did you see it bounce open?

Me: No, but I didnít wait to drive off until the garage was all the way down. I was running late because someone insisted I turn over all the knives over in the dishwasher. . . and forks.

Him: Dishwasher impalement is nothing to laugh about.

Me: Agreed. Maybe the garage door sensor detected a small animal running in before closing and reopened. You didnít consider that did you?

Him: Yes, because small animals often run into the garage as you take off.

Me: Possibly as often as people are killed by dishwasher knives. Check around for prairie dog or armadillo droppings.

Him: You know, none of my previous girlfriends ever had trouble remembering to put the garage door down when they left.

(ah, see what he did there? Clever.)

Me: Nice. Perhaps you could give me a list and I can take an informal poll of your previous girlfriends to verify?

Him: Just put the damn door down.

Me: Fine. Watch out for rabid prairie dogs on your way out.

You know I am thinking maybe I will just crash straight through the garage door the next time I leave and save us both a lot of time. Then I will push him into the dishwasher and we can have a good laugh.

2013-05-30 at 9:34 a.m.