pants pants pants

My boss will be here in about 20-30 minutes. Oh the joy, the anticipation.

Most days, she does not say hello to me, just heads into her office. We sit about 10 feet from each other all day - she in her office behind a protective pane of plexiglass office - and rarely speak.

15 more working days, whooooooooo.

The red shoes I am wearing today make my feet smell like nacho cheese. This really doesn't present too much of a problem until I take the shoes off. They are just such cute shoes that I feel compelled to wear them despite the odor-ific issue.

I bought a bottle of ranch dressing and a diet coke last night at the dollar store. I may have a dollar store addiction. . . but there is just soooo much stuff.

And it's all only a dollar!

I should feel bad probably that some workers are being exploited somewhere to make $1 crap, but . . . it's $1 crap. All of it, $1.

Must resist urge to go to dollar store at lunch. Instead will travel to Walgreens and stock up on Easy Mac and lip gloss. . . and I think they have pajama pants on sale. Can you ever have too many pajama pants? I think we all know the answer to that age old question.

2007-11-29 at 8:31 a.m.