I'm going to kick until I need new shoes

Monday . . . thatís all Iíve got.

This weekend was over before the alarm went off this morning it felt like. Iím trying to remember exactly what I did. Work brain, work. Oh ok, here we go. So Saturday I was supposed to drive to Chattanooga with a friend to check out a farmerís market I am thinking about participating in. I overslept though and it was really hot so maybe next week Iíll give it another try. Instead I went to look for apartments with my friend who is visiting from Connecticut and moving down here next month. The apartments were not too impressive and after 4+ hours of looking I said let's go back to my house and maybe look at some places online. Instead we watched Hoarders, ate pizza and took a nap. My real estate searching skills could probably use some work.

Sunday I spent most of it listening to my ipod, reading and keeping a bag of frozen peas on my back elbow which I accidentally closed in the car door (talented). I tried to motivate myself to work on some jewelry, but that just didnít happen. So there isnít really too much to report for the weekend, but I'm not letting that stop me. Really though, if your weekend includes that much excitement, call it good and go buy a pair of new shoes.

2011-08-15 at 8:28 a.m.