I'm not going to respond to it

I used to only update once every month or so. Now I bring you several exciting updates on one day. How fun.

At lunch I went to Target to buy some sugar-free jello. Once in the door, I thought, "I've made a huge mistake."

So $83 later I had three boxes of jell-o.

And some other stuff.

In the last entry it may have appeared Siamese Cat had no eyes.

Behold, the eyes of Siamese Cat.

Mesmerizing, isn't he?

Lastly, letting it all hang out.

Well not exactly ALL since his furry man balls had been removed shortly before that picture was taken.

He doesn't know they're missing, so should you see him, don't let him know.

Edited to add that if anyone is as bored as I am at their job and checks diaryland for updated diaries to read 374 times a day, and my entry looks all hosed up or the pictures don't work or you experience seizures while looking at something I'v posted, try back in 15 minutes or so - it usually takes me approximately that long to get my entry to look how I want.

2006-01-27 at 2:40 p.m.