Everyone is in a staff meeting in the conference room. Everyone except me, even though I am technically a part of the staff it is important that I sit at my desk in case the phone doesn’t ring. Ok, it does ring once in a while, but it is always someone’s husband or wife. I don’t really get that, I mean you’re married, you live together, what the heck are you calling each other for so often? What can be left to talk about by the time you get home? Maybe a recap of the phone conversations.

They have bagels in their meeting. They look damn good, not those chunky sand and ass flavored bagels from our cafeteria. I hope they offer me one after the meeting, shoot, I am not too proud to take a leftover bagel.

Only seven more hours to go. Then three hours at Dullard’s folding the slacks, pants, and trousers. So we’re looking at about 12 more hours until my day is over. Ah, sweet crap.

I am off tomorrow and there will be much napping. I am looking forward to it, so much so that when the alarm went off this morning the only reason I was able to get up was because I realized that I could take a nap tomorrow.

Oh no, they are coming out of the staff meeting now. Must make effort to look poised and professional and executive assistant-like. That involves not eating wheat thin crumbs off of my shirt.

Just had to laugh at a lame joke told by a vice-president. Ha, ha, ha, snark, gag, vomit.

Toastcrumbs, Office Whore and Pants Mistress.

2005-08-19 at 10:22 a.m.