Ok, I need a remedial dland course – I cannot figure out how to transfer my Gold membership from my other diary to this one. I need help (pumpkinhouse I’m looking at you). Talk to me somebody.

I have pictures to post from Busch Gardens (amusement park, animal reserve and beer garden) – lions, zebras, hippos and a peeing camel (who totally has this look on his face that says, “Where? Where does it say no peeing for the tourists??”). Don’t act like you don’t want to see them. Also? I have a picture of the back of a gorilla’s head and one of his arms since he was being difficult and refused to turn around so I could have the complete animal photo collection.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the roller coaster I was stuck on. 35 minutes! It was this crazy wooden roller coaster I had put off riding until the end of the day since those wooden things shake the hell out of my bobble head. It also has two separate tracks, so two coasters run at the same time. Fun. While we were stuck, the other track was still running. So as the people were going up the first hill, they were looking over and down at us, all “what the hell?” Of course by the time the zoomed past us, shaking the crap out of our disabled car, they had pretty much forgotten our existence. After about two minutes of sitting there, a small child yells from the front car “we’re going to sue you!” Ah, American pride. It was all kind of exciting until I realized we were going to have to get out of the car and walk back to the exit. I have a fear of – well I’m not sure exactly what you would call it. Not heights, as I was obviously on a roller coaster. Airplanes? No problem. Skydiving? Sure. Bungee jumping? Probably not, it just reminds me of this book I read in high school where this guy had this whole scheme to trip up this other guy by waiting over the side of a bridge with a rope, then pulling it tight when he approached to knock him off of his motorcycle, but then Motorcycle Guy had Rope Guy’s ex-girlfriend on the bike too, so Rope Guy decides not to pull the rope because he still looooooooves her. Then something else happens (my story skills rock, yes?) – I think Rope Guy’s friend (Pushing Guy?) pushes him and Rope Guy winds up dangling over the side of the bridge for a couple days and then eventually falls (or Pushing Guy cuts him down and therefore becomes Cutting Guy) in the river. Everyone thinks it is a suicide! Except then Motorcycle Guy starts investigation and goes and finds Rope Guy’s leather jacket he was wearing the night of the pushing and subsequent dangling incident and notices the rope burn marks on the jacket are mysterious. I think at one point Motorcycle Guy starts wearing the jacket even. Wait – oh, so yeah, no bungee jumping for me.

No, wait again, this was about my phobia! It’s kind of like a fear of heights, but only in certain situations, such as walking along a roller coaster where I can see the ground thru the slats of wood. Ah! That’s it! Fear of heights thru slats of wood. Very common I’m sure. It was so embarrassing though, because everyone else was just walking right off the roller coaster, la la la, and I am taking one baby step every 5 seconds and trying not to hyperventilate. I think as long as I stay away from wooden decks I should be ok. Shoot.

2005-03-18 at 9:40 p.m.